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Web App development
Desktop, pad, mobile and hybrid app development
Code reviews
Let's talk about how to deliver better code with higher confidence looking at your current code
Kickstarting & training
Let's make onboarding new team members a breeze
Angular coaching
1 on 1 peer coding while delivering features
Angular enterprise Architecture & DevOps
Let's set up your enterprise for success with a shared, modularized architecture and automatic cloud builds


Recent projects

Statkraft logo


Statkraft is the largest wendor of renewable energy and a global actor within energy trade in Europe.

FrontHouse Consulting has been engaged in order to aid the integration teams with creating tools and dashboards to visualize big and realtime data.

Fürst logo

Fürst Medical Laboratories

Fürst is a privately held laboratory services company that aims to make sure doctors have great and fast access to laboratory services and relevant competency.

FrontHouse Consulting has been helping in:

  • Frontend software architecture with Nx.
  • Angular training & development.
Felleskjøpet logo

Felleskjøpet webapps

Felleskjøpet Agri is Norways biggest wholesale supplier of machines, equipment and food for animals.

FrontHouse Consulting has been a part of multiple teams, helping in:

  • Frontend software architecture.
  • Angular training & development.

The result has so far been a successful delivery of several web applications to help farmes in their daily lives.

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